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Senior Level Representation / Market Presence

  • Senior management personally represents PTAG clientele informally and at VAB hearings, the most critical stages of the process.

  • Firm partners have spent their entire professional careers within the property assessment industry, both public (former county appraisers) and private.

  • PTAG represents $30B+ of Florida commercial real estate and more square footage for several asset classes than any firm in the USA... including national practices.

  • PTAG is associated with property tax specific government lobbyists influencing Florida legislation.

Government / Big4 Background

  • PTAG's Jeff Nelson      and Tim Hart      worked together and developed the foundation of their commercial property tax careers at the Palm Beach County Appraiser's Office.

  • After twelve years Jeff Nelson's final position at the Palm Beach County Appraiser's office was Chief Commercial Appraiser.

  • Taxing authorities throughout the entire state of Florida acknowledge PTAG partners' government experience and recognize our valuation models. 

  • Firm partners managed Deloitte's (who sold their national property tax practice in 2007 and through subsequent mergers/acquisitions is now owned and operated by Ryan) Florida property tax practice for 7 years prior to SOX legislation.

Proactive Efficiency

  • PTAG begins informal processes during the winter/spring months.

  • PTAG clients benefit from tax mitigation acquisition strategies applied prior to closing.

  • Both government and PTAG clients benefit from early, informal resolutions.

  • Clients are capable of knowing their tax liability months in advance.

  • Budgeting and accruals challenges are minimized when values are resolved early.

  • The same valuation models used by the government coupled with management's experience working for county appraisers create precise presentations and quick decisions.

Client Service/Results

  • Personnel is responsive and quick to react to your requests. Most often PTAG responds to client inquiries the same day.

  • Reports are delivered on time and according to specs.

  • If our clients wouldn't sell their assets PTAG would experience virtually zero client turnover...


Our clients' $/ft assessments are among the lowest in every Florida market.

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