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Senior Level Representation / Market Presence

  • Senior management personally represents PTAG clientele informally and at VAB hearings, the most critical stages of the process.

  • Firm partners have spent their entire professional careers within the property assessment industry, both public (former county appraisers) and private.

  • PTAG represents $30B+ of Florida commercial real estate and more square footage for several asset classes than any firm in the USA... including national practices.

  • PTAG is associated with property tax specific government lobbyists influencing Florida legislation.

Government / Big4 Background

  • PTAG's Jeff Nelson      and Tim Hart      worked together and developed the foundation of their commercial property tax careers at the Palm Beach County Appraiser's Office.

  • After twelve years Jeff Nelson's final position at the Palm Beach County Appraiser's office was Chief Commercial Appraiser.

  • Taxing authorities throughout the entire state of Florida acknowledge PTAG partners' government experience and recognize our valuation models. 

  • Firm partners managed Deloitte's (who sold their national property tax practice in 2007 and through subsequent mergers/acquisitions is now owned and operated by Ryan) Florida property tax practice for 7 years prior to SOX legislation.

Proactive Efficiency

  • PTAG begins informal processes during the winter/spring months.

  • PTAG clients benefit from tax mitigation acquisition strategies applied prior to closing.

  • Both government and PTAG clients benefit from early, informal resolutions.

  • Clients are capable of knowing their tax liability months in advance.

  • Budgeting and accruals challenges are minimized when values are resolved early.

  • The same valuation models used by the government coupled with management's experience working for county appraisers create precise presentations and quick decisions.

Client Service/Results

  • Personnel is responsive and quick to react to your requests. Most often PTAG responds to client inquiries the same day.

  • Reports are delivered on time and according to specs.

  • If our clients wouldn't sell their assets PTAG would experience virtually zero client turnover.

  • Lower your taxes with our no gain - no pay fee structure.


Why You Should Appeal Your Taxes

  • You would never allow the IRS to prepare your tax return, would you? Why would you allow the County to determine your commercial real estate property's taxable value? Letting them determine it may cause you to overpay on your taxes.

  • Florida counties mass appraise millions of commercial real estate properties and often make considerable mistakes.

  • Property Tax Alliance Group - PTAG corrects these mistakes and therefore saves you money. Yes, #PTAGsaves.

  • This year's reduction will not only save you money now, but will continue to save you on future tax bills.

  • No worries; your CRE property's taxable value cannot increase when you request an appeal.

  • Having PTAG on your side will put you in the best position every year. See, Florida counties revalue all CRE properties each year, which is why Property Tax Alliance Group will appeal your commercial real estate taxes every year, even if you filed an appeal the previous year.

Who Can We Help?

We specialize in the entire state of Florida and are familiar with all County Property Appraiser districts. We have successfully represented a large variety of property types such as:

  • Auto Dealerships

  • Fast Food Restaurants

  • Financial Institutions

  • Hospitals

  • Hotels and Motels

  • Industrial and Manufacturing

  • Mobile Home Parks

  • Multi-family Buildings

  • Office Buildings

  • Recreational Facilities

  • Restaurants

  • Shopping Centers

  • Retail Buildings

  • Warehouses

  • Vacant Land

  • Retirement Homes

  • Hospice Facilities

  • Large Developments

  • Shared Work-Space Facilities

  • Self-Storage Facilities

  • ALL Commercial Type Properties

​​Our clients' assessments are among the lowest in all Florida markets.

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