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Why Do CRE Pros Hire Property Tax Alliance Group - PTAG [VALUE]

Updated: Aug 11

The Professionals At PTAG Know #PTAGsaves You Money, Time & From Mistakes

by George L. Rosario, Speaker, Business Development Director at Property Tax Alliance Group

If you own commercial real estate properties, it is important to make sure that you are properly managing the taxes associated with your portfolio. Property tax can be a complicated and time-consuming endeavor, so hiring Property Tax Alliance Group (PTAG) to handle your portfolio’s tax situation is a smart decision. PTAG specializes in providing commercial real estate taxes services, so they are knowledgeable and experienced when it comes to filing and managing your taxes. In this blog, we are going to discuss why it makes sense to hire PTAG to manage your commercial real estate portfolio’s taxes.

1. Local Knowledge

One of the main reasons why hiring PTAG is the right move is because they are able to offer you local knowledge. Each state has its own laws and regulations when it comes to commercial real estate taxes, so it is important to make sure that you are working with someone who understands the specifics of that area. PTAG understands the ins and outs of local regulations, so you can rest assured that your taxes will be filed and managed effectively.

2. More Time & Focus

When you hire PTAG to manage your portfolio’s taxes, you are freeing up a significant amount of time and energy on your end. Instead of having to do the research, calculations and paperwork on your own, you can let PTAG handle the entire process. This means that you can spend your valuable time and energy focused on other areas of your business, such as finding new investments, managing your current portfolio and networking.

3. Cost Savings

Hiring PTAG can also save you a significant amount of money in the long-run. Since they are experienced in properties taxes, they will be able to not only identify tax breaks but also maximize your deductions to reduce your overall taxable income. Additionally, they have the experience to determine if you are being overcharged on taxes and can help you get a refund.

4. Peace of Mind

When you hire PTAG to manage your portfolio’s taxes, you can have peace of mind knowing that your taxes are in good hands. Since they specialize in commercial real estate taxes, they will be able to provide you with accurate and reliable advice when it comes to filing and managing your taxes. This means that you don’t have to worry about making mistakes or missing out on deductions.


Hiring PTAG to manage your commercial real estate portfolio’s taxes makes a lot of sense. They are able to offer you local knowledge, more time and focus, cost savings and peace of mind. So, if you are looking for a reliable partner to help you effectively manage your portfolio’s taxes, PTAG is the perfect choice.

If you or anyone in your sphere of influence are involved in Florida Commercial Real Estate Property, you should contact Property Tax Alliance Group - PTAG immediately. Chances are you are overpaying on your taxes. Contact me today:


Business Development Director

Direct: 954-644-2322

Office: 954-202-9696

[Once you've taken the leap and become a commercial real estate owner, you have to give the pros at Property Tax Alliance Group - PTAG a call. #PTAGsaves Florida commercial real estate owners/investors on their property tax bill. The goal is to free up much needed capital for future endeavors, repairs or reinvestment. To learn more, contact us at or contact me, George L. Rosario directly at 954-644-2322. A huge part of managing your Florida commercial real estate investment cash flow involves having your tax liability evaluated by Florida's best commercial real estate property tax team. The Property Tax Alliance Group (PTAG) is a South Florida-based professional Property Tax Consulting and Advisory firm delivering solutions to local, regional, and national clients since 2004. We offer an impressive portfolio of customizable tax reduction services available to Florida commercial property owners. County appraisers are not in the business of reducing your tax liability. We are! And, we help you accomplish this within the full spectrum of the law. Get in touch with us today if you would like PTAG to ensure your business is not overpaying its fair share of local property taxes and increase cash flow. #PTAGsaves]

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George L. Rosario, #GeorgeTheSpeaker with GC Rosario Group

George L. Rosario is a Brooklyn NY born & raised businessman & entrepreneur turned consultant. He started GC Rosario Group with his lovely wife Claudia. With over 30 years of service to the marketplace in NYC, George has relocated and been graciously adopted by the business community of South Florida. He travels the country helping businesses and organizations thrive in today’s noisy environment. George & Claudia Rosario help companies, businesses, organizations and teams develop the necessary skillset and plan of action to not just survive but thrive in this new world. Their love for commercial real estate made them the ideal partners to help Property Tax Alliance Group #PTAGsaves help more commercial real estate investors, owners, property managers and developers gain more leverage over their portfolio's property taxes. We will help you meet your ROI and NOI goals. George is always available to meet over coffee and discuss how your commercial real estate portfolio can continue to grow when you use proactive strategies to lower your yearly tax burden. Let's talk about it.Every day is a good day when you do what you love and love what you do.” – George L. Rosario George L. Rosario and Claudia P. Rosario are growing some of America's fastest growing brands, including Florida's best property tax consulting firm, Property Tax Alliance Group. If you own commercial property anywhere in the state of Florida, you know PTAG.

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