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Some Markets Struggled In 2023, But Florida's CRE Market Grew.

Updated: Sep 15, 2023

Commercial Real Estate Supply Is Fighting Hard To Keep Up With The High Demand In Tampa Bay Florida.

by George L. Rosario, Speaker, Business Development Director at Property Tax Alliance Group

The Florida commercial real estate market has long been a beacon of opportunity and growth for investors, developers, and businesses alike. With its diverse economy, favorable climate, and growing population, Florida has consistently attracted businesses from various industries. In recent years, the state has seen unprecedented growth and development in its commercial real estate sector, making it stronger than ever before. This article will explore the factors driving the robustness of the Florida commercial real estate market, examining key trends, investments, and opportunities that have contributed to its continued success.

I. Economic Resilience

One of the primary reasons behind the strength of Florida's commercial real estate market is its economic resilience. Florida has historically demonstrated its ability to weather economic downturns and bounce back stronger than ever. Even during the Great Recession of 2008, Florida's commercial real estate market proved resilient, eventually becoming a focal point for investors seeking stability and growth.

  • Diverse Economy

Florida boasts a diverse and dynamic economy that encompasses a wide range of industries, including tourism, healthcare, finance, technology, and agriculture. This diversity has helped cushion the impact of economic shocks and provided stability to the commercial real estate market. While tourism remains a cornerstone of Florida's economy, the state has also made significant strides in diversifying its industries, attracting technology companies, financial institutions, and healthcare providers.

  • Population Growth

Florida's population continues to grow at a rapid pace, making it one of the most populous states in the United States. This population growth not only creates a robust consumer base for businesses but also drives demand for commercial real estate. As more people move to Florida, the need for retail spaces, office buildings, and residential complexes increases, fueling the growth of the commercial real estate sector.

II. Attractive Investment Opportunities

Florida has become a hotspot for real estate investors seeking attractive returns and stability in their portfolios. Several factors make Florida an appealing destination for real estate investment:

  • Strong Rental Market

The state's rental market has been thriving, thanks to a combination of factors such as job opportunities, lifestyle preferences, and a steady influx of newcomers. Investors in multifamily properties have seen consistent demand and healthy rental income. This strength in the rental market has encouraged investment in residential and mixed-use developments across the state.

  • Tax Benefits

Florida's tax-friendly environment is a major draw for investors. The absence of state income tax, coupled with favorable property tax rates, makes it an attractive place for individuals and businesses looking to maximize their profits. This tax advantage has incentivized real estate investment, particularly in the commercial sector.

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  • Tourism and Hospitality

Florida's tourism industry is a powerhouse, attracting millions of visitors each year. This has created a strong demand for commercial properties in the hospitality sector. From luxury hotels to vacation rentals, investors have found opportunities to profit from the state's vibrant tourism industry:

III. Thriving Technology Hub

Florida has been making significant strides in becoming a technology hub, particularly in cities like Miami and Orlando. The growth of the technology sector has had a profound impact on the commercial real estate market.

  • Tech Companies and Startups

Miami, in particular, has emerged as a hub for tech companies and startups, drawing entrepreneurs, investors, and talent from around the world. As these companies expand, they require office spaces and innovation hubs, driving demand for commercial real estate in prime locations.

  • Co-working Spaces

The rise of co-working spaces in Florida has been a notable trend in recent years. These flexible office solutions cater to the needs of startups, remote workers, and freelancers. Co-working providers have leased large commercial spaces, creating additional demand in the market.

IV. Infrastructure and Development

Florida's commitment to infrastructure development has played a pivotal role in the strength of its commercial real estate market:

  • Transportation Improvements

The state has invested heavily in transportation infrastructure, including airports, highways, and public transit systems. These improvements make Florida an accessible destination for businesses and residents, driving the demand for commercial properties near transportation hubs.

  • Urban Renewal Projects

Many Florida cities have undergone urban renewal projects aimed at revitalizing downtown areas. These projects often involve mixed-use developments that combine residential, retail, and office spaces, creating vibrant urban centers that attract both residents and businesses.


The Florida commercial real estate market is undeniably stronger than ever, thanks to its economic resilience, attractive investment opportunities, thriving technology hub, and infrastructure development. The state's diverse economy, population growth, and favorable tax environment have created a stable and lucrative environment for investors and businesses alike. As Florida continues to evolve and diversify, its commercial real estate market is poised for further growth and prosperity. For those looking to capitalize on a robust and dynamic market, Florida remains a top destination for commercial real estate investment.

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George L. Rosario is a Brooklyn NY born & raised businessman & entrepreneur turned consultant. He started GC Rosario Group with his lovely wife Claudia. With over 30 years of service to the marketplace in NYC, George has relocated and been graciously adopted by the business community of South Florida. He travels the country helping businesses and organizations thrive in today’s noisy environment. George & Claudia Rosario help companies, businesses, organizations and teams develop the necessary skillset and plan of action to not just survive but thrive in this new world. Their love for commercial real estate made them the ideal partners to help Property Tax Alliance Group #PTAGsaves help more commercial real estate investors, owners, property managers and developers gain more leverage over their portfolio's property taxes. We will help you meet your ROI and NOI goals. George is always available to meet over coffee and discuss how your commercial real estate portfolio can continue to grow when you use proactive strategies to lower your yearly tax burden. Let's talk about it.Every day is a good day when you do what you love and love what you do.” – George L. Rosario George L. Rosario and Claudia P. Rosario are growing some of America's fastest growing brands, including Florida's best property tax consulting firm, Property Tax Alliance Group. If you own commercial property anywhere in the state of Florida, you know PTAG.

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