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Midtown West Totals 152,000 Square Feet In Prime CRE Property

Updated: Aug 11

Sitting Within a 23-Acre Midtown Tampa Development, It Is Attracting Big Players

by George L. Rosario, Speaker, Business Development Director at Property Tax Alliance Group

Have You Taken a Look at Midtown Tampa's Hot Project, Midtown West?

The 23-acre Midtown Tampa development located in the heart of city of Tampa is proving to be one of the most lucrative property developments in the area. Boasting a total of 152,000 square feet and has attracted many high-end tenants such as RHI Magnesita, Randstad, Prudential, Greystar, Primo Water, Nestle, Rubbermaid, Post Holdings and Similar Investments, the development is sure to become one of the most sought-after places to do business in the city. This blog will outline the various benefits to tenants, the improvements to the infrastructure, and the long-term economic impact of the Midtown Tampa development in 2023.

Business Tenants

When it comes to business tenants of the Midtown Tampa development, there is no shortage of options. This new development has attracted some of the most prominent companies in the city, including RHI Magnesita, Randstad, Prudential, Greystar, Primo Water, Nestle, Rubbermaid, among others. The diversity of businesses coming to the area makes the Midtown Tampa an attractive and highly sought-after place to do business.

Not only have businesses been drawn to the area by its extraordinary potential, but also by the infrastructure improvements implemented in the area. The Midtown Tampa development was able to provide tenants with high-speed Internet and fiber optics, which is an essential tool for modern businesses. These investments in the infrastructure ensured that businesses have access to the necessary resources for day-to-day operations.

In addition to these benefits, the Midtown Tampa development offers tenants the opportunity to take advantage of the city’s excellent transportation system. Offering direct access to the city’s transportation networks, as well as nearby Tampa International Airport, tenants of the Midtown Tampa Development are able to reach their destination quickly and conveniently.

This, coupled with the newly constructed green space in the development, will further attract businesses to the area. The convenient location of the green space offers employees and residents the opportunity to de-stress and relax in the park, but also gives businesses the chance to host corporate events which can contribute to their success.

Infrastructure Improvements

The improvements to the infrastructure of the Midtown Tampa development have provided significant benefits to both tenants and residents of the area. Not only has the development attracted some of the most prominent businesses to the area, but also provided improved public transportation services and updated technological resources.

The city has implemented a new public transportation system which includes buses and rails. This new transportation system has made it easier for people to get to and from the Midtown Tampa development in a timely and efficient manner. The city has also implemented improved street and sidewalk infrastructure, making it easier for pedestrians to travel throughout the development.

The technological infrastructure of the development has also seen a significant boost, with the city investing in high-speed Internet and fiber optics. The improved technological infrastructure makes it easier for businesses to access the tools they need to be successful. Additionally, the city has added new streetlights throughout the region making the area safer and more efficient.

Long-Term Economic Impact

The Midtown Tampa development has had a significant impact on the economic landscape of Tampa. In 2023, the development of 152,000 square feet has allowed the city to attract many high-end tenants to the region and is estimated to grow to 480,000 square feet in the near future. This influx of businesses to the area is expected to bring an influx of high-earning professionals to the city and drive up the property values in the area.

The influx of businesses to the area will also provide a boost to the local economy. With an increase in demand for goods and services, local businesses will be able to take advantage of the increased potential for profit. Additionally, the city will benefit from an influx of tax income from businesses, providing the city with increased public funding for various public projects.


The Midtown Tampa development has already seen positive results in the first year of its implementation. The 152,000 square feet of the development have attracted many high-end tenants to the area and has provided numerous infrastructure improvements to the region. The businesses that have chosen to locate here have provided a boost to the local job market and are expected to contribute to the economic success of the city. The long-term economic impact that this development has on Tampa is tremendous, proving that it was well worth the investment of time and resources.

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