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Real Estate

Florida Property Tax Appeal Reduction Consulting Firm

Real Property Consulting




Property Taxes have become the single largest revenue source in the state of Florida surpassing sales tax. PTAG’s onsite inpections, real property review and appeal services are performed by seasoned experts who on behalf of the client perform annual assessment reviews, file and present tax appeal cases to Florida's county assessors and the Value Appeal Board (VAB). We complement clients' staff a la carte all the way to making available a full suite of property tax management services full outsource. 

Florida Property Tax Appeal Reduction Consulting Firm
Appeal Services

Our consultants assure your appeals are filed on time and with the appropriate jurisdictional boards. If our informal approach does not yield a fair assessment, we will provide a recommendation to the client prior to taking any action at the VAB. Petitions are required to be filed no later than 25 days after the annual notice mailing each August. Our clients usually know our recommended course of action by the beginning of summer. PTAG often settles cases out of court up until the day of hearings adding another layer to our informal repertoire.

Florida Property Tax Appeal Reduction Consulting Firm

Pre Construction /

Pre Acquisition Analysis

Sometimes our clients build or purchase an existing property. When they do, PTAG assists by helping the client estimate the most probable tax liability. Our robust database contains the historical information that allows for extremely accurate assumptions. For new construction, extra steps to separate the soft costs from the real estate portion allow for a more precise tax estimate. These measures give our clients the foresight to budget an appropriate tax allocation far in advance and assist with financing preparation.

Florida Property Tax Appeal Reduction Consulting Firm

Informal Negotiation

Once preliminary numbers become public, PTAG begins     negotiating your assessments with the county assessor during the spring, nearly half of a year in advance of Truth in Millage Notice (TRIM) mailings. It is our goal to resolve values at the Assessor's Office in advance of official TRIM notification in September. Another way to win an appeal is to avoid the VAB altogether and be fairly assessed. Our relationships with government allow for this dynamic as the financial and time savings for everyone involved are substantial.

Florida Property Tax Appeal Reduction Consulting Firm

Base Enrollment

Once new construction or an acquisition is completed it is important to begin dialog with the assessor to prevent the possibility of an inaccurately assigned initial value. Most often a base assessment will be derived from the total project cost (drawn from permits) or the sale price of a real estate transaction. If a client pays a high price for an existing property or costs are abnormally high for a construction project an opportunity exists to proactively avoid formally appealing an unneccesarily inflated assessment. PTAG knows how to do this.

Florida Property Tax Appeal Reduction Consulting Firm
Tax Bill Administration

PTAG has the systems in place to manage all phases of property tax including the back office processing of tax bills. We will act as intermediary between the client's staff, assessor's offices, property managers, etc. You don’t have to worry about missing bills as PTAG can receive, track, and maintaiin parcels' assessments within our proprietary applications. We will also assist with payment processes for a few parcels to the most complex accounts.