Strategic Partners

These national firms entrust PTAG to help their clients manage Florida property taxes while also receiving a preferred discount. In turn we trust these firms to extend the same courtesies to our clients while providing complementary services we don't offer and property tax management for markets outside of Florida. We are appropriately branded the PROPERTY TAX ALLIANCE GROUP, capable of connecting you with the right people in any market for highly specialized tax consulting services. The images are hyperlinked to their respective websites for your convenience, but notify us when you need a referral and we will make the most appropriate introductions. 

As you begin your search for a firm to help you enhance your service offerings by providing 179D energy tax and cost segregation studies, there are several questions you need to ask to protect your firm and ensure the highest quality of performance and compliance. Ask the firms you interview these questions. We meticulously follow IRS guidelines and go beyond the standards required. Our procedures, processes, and final products set the benchmarks that others strive to reach. We look forward to working with you.

There’s a good reason the biggest names in the hospitality and senior living industries ask PTSI to manage their challenging property tax needs. PTSI pioneers innovative tax solutions that save clients millions in avoidable fees and penalties each year. Our national experience and local perspective help us engineer the best solutions to yield our clients the greatest tax savings, even amid economic volatility and differences in local tax practices and customs.

Our NTS experts are the answer to your problem of accuracy, technology and time. With our innovative solutions paired with the committed service to our clients, you will see why we are The Experts in Property Tax Management and Flood Determination Services.