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Our Clients Experience The Lowest Assessments in ALL Florida Jurisdictions

Most Fees are Based on Performance (% of Tax $avings)


PTAG clients benefit from our decades-long rapport with local officials and the most effective tools & practices available within Florida's Commercial Real Estate Marketplace.

* Improve Your NOI With PTAG *



Since 2004, Property Tax Alliance Group [PTAG], the South Florida-based property tax consulting and advisory firm, has been delivering solutions to clients on a local, regional, and state-wide scale. Our comprehensive portfolio of tax reduction services is tailored to fit the needs of commercial property owners and investors in Florida.

County appraisers are not in the business of reducing your tax liability. We are! Contact your team at PTAG today, and let us work on increasing your cash flow. Our professionals will ensure your business is not overpaying its fair share of local property taxes.


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